Selective Runner

Last semester, I was trying to replicate the results of “Empirical studies of test case prioritization in a JUnit testing environment 1 as a part of curricular project. On this paper, they have studied about various techniques of test case prioritization all based around code coverage in a JUnit testing environment.

  1. Do, Hyunsook, Gregg Rothermel, and Alex Kinneer. “Empirical studies of test case prioritization in a JUnit testing environment.” Software Reliability Engineering, 2004. ISSRE 2004. 15th International Symposium on. IEEE, 2004. 

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Conway's game of life

About Conway’s game of life

Four simple rules:

  • Any alive cell with less than two alive neighbours dies.
  • Any alive cell with two or three alive neighours lives on for next generation.
  • Any alive cell with more than three alive neighbours dies.
  • Any dead cell with three alive neighbour becomes alive for next generation.
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FindOut – Winner at Ideathon 2014

Ideathon organized by Integrity Action and Young Innovations on 26 Jan, 2014 in Kathmandu.

The primary objective of this Ideathon is to allow participants comprising of both techies and educationalists to think of creative ways of developing ideas and prototypes of games (eg. web based, mobile, facebook, etc.) that could possibly act as a way to deliver integrity education across the world.

As the theme suggests, we developed a HTML5 game for integrity education. To describe it in single line – The game showed a video and user had to find out what problems he/she can see in the video from the scramble of words.

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3DSpline - Computer Graphics Project

3DSpline, project for subject - Computer Graphics during undergrad.

We were two in a team (Ganesh Pandey and me). And the project basically dealt with making 3D things appear in the screen just by plotting pixels. We could choose any  platform and any programming languages but everything to be done just by plotting pixels in (x, y) of canvas (we could draw lines).

3D surface that we created

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