FindOut – Winner at Ideathon 2014

19 February, 2014

Ideathon organized by Integrity Action and Young Innovations on 26 Jan, 2014 in Kathmandu.

The primary objective of this Ideathon is to allow participants comprising of both techies and educationalists to think of creative ways of developing ideas and prototypes of games (eg. web based, mobile, facebook, etc.) that could possibly act as a way to deliver integrity education across the world.

As the theme suggests, we developed a HTML5 game for integrity education. To describe it in single line – The game showed a video and user had to find out what problems he/she can see in the video from the scramble of words.

We wanted to make users pick the dictionary words for the situation that they might have experienced in their life. People are aware that something is wrong, but aren’t able to say if that’s really wrong or they haven’t got the word to speak of that situation. So for educating, we bring up situations in the video and user selects the words from scramble. If they can FindOut the word, they will score else the timer will continue counting down and on time-out, they can view the solutions along with word-meaning table of those words in scramble. That’s it!

At the end of event day, we completed a single page somehow-working prototype of the game. We presented our idea to jury members and we WON :). It was a great start of 2014 for me.

Prize Yaay!

You can find the same single page somehow-working prototype on GitHub.

Demo | Fork

The solution to this demo link is: