Well. I am Akash, just another casual guy sharing the same earth of yours. I am from south-east Asia, from the country Nepal (Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal). Nepal is a landlocked country, geographically bounded by India and China, smaller in area, and a Himalayan country where the highest peak Mt. Everest lies and where Gautam Buddha was born.

About me, I’m passionate with Computers. My study focuses on Computer Software but I love to work on hardware projects as well. I’m interested in working with core backend services. I grew up watching sci-fi, techie movies (Terminator was my fav 🙂 ). My first programming language was QBASIC back in school. I remember how I figured out toUpperCase(), toLowerCase() worked in actual and made similar methods of my own and those little stuffs made me happy. Just some memories though 🙂

Thank You.